Hi, I′m Christian.

I'm a Canadian UX Designer who specializes in user research and creative strategy. I apply empathic design thinking to all projects -- allowing brands to create end-goals which benefit both the business and the user.

Tools & Techniques I use:

  • Empathy and experience maps
  • Ethnographic research: participant and non-participant observation
  • Discussion guides for structured and semi-structured user interviews
  • Diary studies
  • Qualitative data analysis and synthesis
  • Participant screening
  • User personas
  • Design research planning and concept development
  • Heuristic evaluation and information architecture structures
  • Sketching, wireframes, user flows, mockups, and prototyping

I am currently completing a User Experience Design certificate at Humber College, have a Bachelor of Design in Advertising from OCAD U in Toronto, and a participatory design experience certificate from Design Abroad: India.

I helped launch and facilitate the user journey experience for two of Toronto's best coffee shops. One in 2015, and again in 2019. While living in Zuarinagar, India, I conducted participatory design research with the local community, learning how to best implement solutions for hyperlocal issues. Community building is at the heart of all of my design decisions.

I've backpacked through many parts of the world, and lived in four countries. I've been lucky enough to meet, make friends, and interact with thousands of people from all over the globe. My passion for people sets the foundation for all of my work.

In my spare time you can catch me illustrating, or checking out the local coffee scene.

Feel free to drop me a line or check me out on LinkedIn.