In 2017, Curiosity Coffee Company approached me to design assets to launch their brand on a budget. Brendan's coffee roaster and favourite colour is red — so I was asked to incorporate that in the visual identity.

The citizens of Bonn are proud of their town, but Germans are also very picky about their coffee. So I asked, how can we sucessfully introduce a new-wave coffee roastery to a town rooted in tradition? Curiosity Coffee Company had to stand alone as a storefront and brand, while also being introduced to locals on their supermarket shelves.

I set out to design an identity that feels familiar and friendly while prominently displaying Bonn as the origin story. 

A sticker label for the roasted beans that Brendan sources was designed to be altered quickly and printed cheaply. This allows Curiosity Coffee Company to import new coffee on a whim, have it ready for sale immediately, and keep overhead costs low by applying it to their packaging of choice.

The colours are borrowed from vintage book cloth coverings. (Think: your grade 8 geography book with foil-stamped letters.) This playful tone harkens to the curious days of our youth while putting Brendan's vision of educating his customers on ethical practices, quality, and culture in the spotlight.

Design & Strategy: Christian Tymec